Kees van Engelen, PA3KVE
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for receive only
The design data
The outer spacers
The resistor in a tube
1 = bolts
2 = connectors of resistor to bolts
3 = electric pipe
4 = bolts
5 = resisto

1 = tubes with resistor
2 = cup to mix resin with harder
3a = syringe to apply resin
3b = can resin
The result
The coil under the balun is 7 turns of the coax through 3E25 and 4C6 ferrite cores.
This is to supress the noises coming to the receiver due to currents on the outside of the coax.
The coil is hung up with a small rubber rope to prevent the connection of damage.
This damage could be done by the weight of the coil and/or the wind.